Nashville Kettlebell


 Social Media Contest



THREE MONTHS of Group Class ($750 value)

$100 Cash Money

$50 Gift Card to Local Eats (Good at over TEN restaurants, included Monell’s, Pharmacy and the Southern)

We’re running a Social Media during the entire month of December. We have a number of points up for grabs. The people with the highest points over the next month will WIN BIG (see prizes listed above).



Step 1: ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page:

Step 2: Write a status update/post a picture on your wall and include @NashvilleKettlebell to your post or we can’t see it (from your phone you’ll have to make Nashville Kettlebell  your location) and #GetStrongSon


Step 1: Search and follow Nashville Kettlebell @nashvillekb on twitter:

Step 2: Include @nashvillekb and #GetStrongSon in every tweet


Step 1: Search and follow @nashvillekettlebell on Instagram

Step 2: Take and upload a picture

Step 3: Mention @nashvillekettlebell and tag #GetStrongSon


Points are awarded based on the following:

FACEBOOK – Nashville Kettlebell

  • 1 point – Post a Facebook status using @NashvilleKettlebell and #GetStrongSon
  • 2 points – Share any Nashville Kettlebell page post, status or picture #GetStrongSon
  • 3 points – Quote an instructor in your status update and tag @NashvilleKettlebell #GetStrongSon
  • 5 points – Post a picture from class and tag @NashvilleKettlebell #GetStrongSon
  • 8 points – Post a status about how attending classes has positively impacted your life and tag @NashvilleKettlebell #GetStrongSon
  • 20 points – Record a video testimonial and post it using @NashvilleKettlebell #GetStrongSon
  • 25 points – Post a picture of yourself with Tamer and post using @NashvilleKettlebell #GetStrongSon

TWITTER – @NashvilleKB

  • 1 point – Retweet any @NashvilleKB tweet and #GetStrongSon
  • 3 point – Tweet using @NashvilleKB #GetStrongSon in your tweet
  • 5 points – Quote an instructor in your tweet using @NashvilleKB and tagging #GetStrongSon
  • 8 points – Tweet a picture of you with your trainer using @NashvilleKB and tagging #GetStrongSon

INSTAGRAM – NashvilleKettlebell

  • 3 points – Post a picture of anything in the Dojo and tag @nashvillekettlebell #GetStrongSon
  • 5 points – Post a picture from class and tag @NashvilleKettlebell #GetStrongSon
  • 25 points – Post a picture of yourself with Tamer with an Instagram filter and tag @NashvilleKettlebell #GetStrongSon


  • You can’t update Facebook from your cell phone and tag @NashvilleKettlebell. For example, @NashvilleKettlebell does not hyperlink (the words do not turn blue). So, this means we can’t see the post and can’t give you points. From your cell phone you have to select Nashville Kettlebell as your location before you post.
  • NKB staff will monitor Facebook, Twitter & Instagram over the month and will keep a running tally.
  • You CAN double up on the points that are available. For example, you may post a picture of yourself training AND quote an instructor, which would get you 8 points.
  • Please use good judgment and do not spam. This will not get you extra points.