I wanna share a couple of stories with you.

1. I injured my knee at the Primal Move instructor training in 2012. I believe that sitting and moving on the floor with my knees in deep flexion under load was the root cause, but I am not sure. Squatting became painful, then impossible. I lost ROM in flexion and it was quite painful, including pain and discomfort that would go into my hip and in my calf. It hurt even when I lay in bed and tried to sleep. Oh yeah, this was my GOOD knee, too….not the one that had surgery the year before.

After trying all the usual stuff- Chiroporactic, massage, acupuncture I still wasn’t much better off, several months later. The various treatments would help with the symptoms a little, but it never went away.

In Feb 2013 I was talking with Geoff Neupert and he showed me some Original Strength rolling techniques that instantly gave me about an 80% improvement.I continued working on them and within a few weeks the pain was gone and full ROM was restored.

2. In August of 2013, I had Geoff, Tim Anderson, Joe Sansalone and Dan Barrows at Nashville Kettlebell Strength Dojo for a two day Original Strength workshop. At the time I was working on certifying on the Ironmind Red Nail. I was consistently crushing reds but it was hit and miss on the time it took. My best-ever was just under one minute.

After spending the day working on OS resets, I decided to give the Red a shot to see what, if any, effect it had on bending. The result: I de-fucking-STROYED the red in about 30 second, shattering my previous PR. The only difference in training was the addition of the resets. That had me sold.

So we have two personal empirical examples: one of banishing pain and restoring normal function and one of taking fairly high level performance even higher.

I liked it so much that I decided that I wanted to get the deeper understanding, so I went to Raleigh last weekend to attend level 2. It was everything I hoped it would be.

So I ask you: are you in pain that and want to get out of it? Are a high level performer who wants improvement? Give the Original Strength resets a shot. (youtube link)

Wanna experience it first-hand from the man himself? Tim Anderson will be in Nashvegas at TNB-New Beginnings for an OS workshop on Sept 6 & 7. CLICK HERE to get in on that. Or contact Tash Weddle at (615) 432-2725