I am THRILLED to announce that I will be returning to Centaur Gym in Belfast, Northern Ireland on August 10th, where I will be teaching a one-day worksop on two of the classic feats from Dennis Rogers’ Oldetime Strongman University:

Short Steel Bending and Card Tearing

My buddy Paul McIlroy recently certified on the IronMind Red Nail after  I spent some time working on his technique online. Now, Paul did the programming work himself, but I was able to spot some flaws in his technique online that helped him accelerate at lighting speed. If I can do that for Paul online, imagine what we can do for YOU in person??

We will cover in detail:

Nail Bending

  • The top three different methods for bending nails….and how to determine which one is best for YOU.
  • The best material to use for wrapping steel.
  • The  materials you should NEVER use for wrapping nails. Don’t wind up stalled out, discouraged and hurt.
  • HOW to wrap your steel for maximal effectiveness in bending nails.
  • Do you want to certify with the IronMind Red Nail? I will show you how what is legal and what isn’t within their rules.
  • The Progressive Wrapping technique that I used when training for my Red Nail Certification.
  • The Dennis Rogers “Hanky Bend”….Making easy steel hard to bend so that hard steel is EASY to bend.
  • How to generate the CORRECT amount of tension and WHERE to produce it to be a powerful bender and avoid injurie
  • Avoid Beginner mistakes like the Chicken Wing, poor stance which causes you to “leak” you power and waste your force with none of it going into the nail. Instead, I will show you the CORRECT angle and alignment for maximal force production.
  • Nail bending is NOT just wrist and hand strength! You will learn how to generate FULL-BODY power and harness it to send it into the offending nail.
  • Speaking of FULL-BODY POWER- Bending nails begins with your posture. I will show you how to find YOUR unique POWER STANCE to harness all your bodily power and direct it into the steel. 
  • Strongman Breathing technique- I have never taught this in a workshop before. I will show you step-by-step EXACTLY how I breath before and during a tough bend in order to explode with steel crushing power.
  • Developing INHUMAN Thumb, Finger and Wrist strength with barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells
  • Using a sledgehammer to develop a grip that steel FEARS


Card Tearing

  • The best technique for Power AND Showmanship
  • The best methods for strengthening the THUMBS
  • Dennis’ “Secret Weapon” for rapid progress and saving money on card tearing: Ugly Rubber


Strength Training

The best training for bending is BENDING. The best way to get good at tearing is TEARING. BUT…. there is more to it than that. I will show you exercises and techniques to build steel crushing, card shredding strength in your hands and body. Many of them you have never seen before. Most of theses strength training exercises are done using equipment you already have access to like barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells.

Some of these are of my own creation and many of them are the  Hand Strength Secrets from the Grandmaster Strongman. 

  • Dennis Rogers’ “all-time favorite exercise for strengthening the wrist”
  • The Arm-wrestlers secret-weapon exercise that puts you on the fast-track to CRUSHING steel
  • How thick-handled training can speed up your progress.
  • Developing INHUMAN Thumb, Finger and Wrist strength using barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells
  • Using a sledgehammer to develop a grip that steel FEARS

We will cover all this and more. The Cost is $399 US/£239.

I personally GUARANTEED that you will leave this workshop having bent steel and torn cards. If you are serious about learning the art of the Oldetime Strongman, this is the place for you to be.

The location:

Centaur Fitness 19 Arthur Street, Belfast BT1, 4GA Co. Antrim N. Ireland

Gym telephone number 02890 242680

We only have room for 12 people. You can contact the folks at Centaur to reserve your spot OR click the link below:  



I look forward to seeing you there!

Iron Tamer