Biofeedback. Bodyweight training. Breathing. Bent pressing. BETTER.

The Be BETTER Workshop

Nashville TN, April 23&24th, 2016.

Last year Adam and I did our first workshop together.

Now are all primed to do another one. We want to show you how to get better. Without hard work. Without effort. And not just better now, but better every day.

I am a fan of learning things from the source. In this 2-day, hands-on workshop you will learn the essentials of the Biofeedback Movement and how it applies to bodyweight strength training from one the Movement’s pioneers. Adam has been practicing and teaching this stuff for over 5 years and has a proven track record of getting outstanding results for himself and his students.

As for my part……I humbly offer to you the opportunity to learn breathing methods you have likely never experienced before from a guy with over 15 years experience in Chi Kung and and the bent press from the guy literally wrote the modern book on the lift.

Adam: Biofeedback 101

On Saturday morning, Adam will cover the Biofeedback Solution for fitness. This workshop will teach you exactly how to achieve personal records daily by scientific observation of the body. You already have all the equipment you will ever need to learn what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You will see immediate improvement in your motion during the workshop. By the end of the day you will understand the short cuts to finding your next PR. You’ll clearly understand how to modify and custom tailor your exercise selection to your unique body. This is the end of stagnation in your training program.

This in-depth workshop on the testing protocol will cover the following:

-How to test — learn how to PR every training day in every motion. The game is progressive resistance and you can win every time if you understand how to do this.

-How to test the test – the more precisely you can interpret your test the more accurate the result. By learning this sequence you will avoid making key errors. This single lesson will completely change how you see exercise and fitness.

-How to test exercise – exercise is universally beneficial but individuals do better when they learn to shape their training to the unique structure of their body.

-How to test variation – all bodies are different and with these differences we discover not all exercise selections are equal. Once you understand how to select variation you’ll see dramatic improvement in how you move, how you look, and how you feel.

-How to test tools – there are many tools and equipment options at your finger tips but are you using them to your maximum advantage? Through use of this protocol we can learn how to best use a given tool to suit our goals.

How to test loads – the discovery of the Gym Movement Protocol marks the end of a need for monthly planning, periodzation charts, or set/rep scheme. Through tested guided load selection you’ll see greater improvement. Our bodies respond much quicker when we give it more of what it needs.

-When to stop moving – every serious strength and fitness athlete understands that all out effort is a path to certain failure. After this clinic you will know when to quit and when to push it.

-When to resume – if the discussion is results we must address the other side of the coin. Recovery is a bigger picture than work one day, rest one day. This block will teach you how to best use your limited time and energy for the best possible sustainable result.

-What to do next – you will finish the weekend with a system to reach for any mark. You’ll understand what the true X factor is and how take maximum advantage of it daily.

Dave: Better Breathing

We all do it. In fact, it is the most important thing we do every day. Without it, we cannot survive for more than a few minutes. But the question is: How many of us do it well?  Saturday afternoon will be dedicated to getting you better at it.

We will begin by defining “Breathing”- A general perspective and brief overview of anatomy and the effect of breath on posture and emotional state.

The skill of breathing. There are many terms used to describe various breathing methods: Biomechanical vs. anatomical. Nasal breathing vs. mouth breathing.

Diaphragmatic (belly) vs. chest breathing. What is “correct”? What is the most useful application of each?

What is the appropriate use of tension? The answer may surprise you.

NATURAL breathing in lying, seated, standing positions. How to take your newly-rediscovered breathing skill with you and make it your new normal.

Controlled breathing progressions:

-inhale:exhale ratios for performance improvement

-stopping the breath vs. holding the breath and when to apply each strategy.

How to apply recovery breathing to strength endurance movements like swings and snatches. Do you want to improve your 5:00 snatch test? How about breaking past the 200 rep mark in 10:00? You will leave with all the tools you need to get there quickly and safely.

Dave: Taming The Bent Press

Sunday morning, I will de-mystify the bent press. This lift has developed an undeserved reputation as being complicated, “too advanced” and even dangerous for most people. By the end of the day you will be safely performing variations of the bent press that will improve all aspects of your strength and movement.

The following topics will be covered

  • Why the bent press is such an amazing practice and how you can begin to include it in your own training even if you have never done it before.
  • The training approach of the old-time strongman. In this section we will dispel some of the modern myths of training, including the idea that the amount of EFFORT you exert is what produces results. The opposite is actually true and you will learn approach your training so that you improve each time. (Hint: It will build off the testing protocol that Adam covers on Saturday) Learn to quickly identify and avoid the Elements of Effort that interfere with progress.
  • Comparative analysis of the three major one-arm pressing variations: Military, Side and Bent. All three variations are important and interdependent on each other. We will clearly define each of them  so that you can begin to use them in the best way to achieve your goals.
  • Foundational movement practice. All to components of the bent press can be targeted independently. In this section you will learn how to quickly and easily identify which component needs the most attention for YOU to improve.
  • Progressions from the getup towards the side and bent press.
  • Bent presses with different implements: kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell. Each implement presents its own unique set of challenges. Learn the nuances of each of them.
  • Two hands “anyhow”. This classic feat of strength has been around for over 100 years. Learn how to make the best use of your own body to maximize your ability at this lift.
  • Putting it all together. How to put all the pieces to gather so that you are continually making progress in your training. In this section we will revisit the elements of effort and how to best plan your training.

Adam: Calisthenics course

Sunday afternoon, the Anannaki Antigravity Machine.

A scientific approach to achieving restoring lost ranges of motion, building incredible strength, and developing fluid graceful movement.

The body provides more than enough resistance to challenge even the strongest persons. Through manipulation of leverage we can earn spectacular results. Adam will teach you how to greatly accelerate your progress through a focused application of tested variety centered on gaining more motions rather than reps. This common sense starting point will transform your body and invigorate your program.

Ending the nonsense – no more silly names and weird explanations, medical text books have already provided a vocabulary. You can’t read a book unless you know all of the letters in the alphabet. This first lesson will open your eyes to what is missing in your training. Next you’ll be taught how to add the X factor back in.

Biomechanics 101 – everything you have ever done can be described by what moved. This lesson will show you what to test next to improve faster than you ever have before.

Nomenclature and description of the antigravity machine – Your introduction to the blue print of antigravity body.

Where to begin – it seems the problem with body weight training is most people can’t find the right starting point. I’ll offer a new position on the board that you’ll love much more than treating you as if you’re a feeble weakling or demanding you start as a superman. It’s absolutely a fact persistence pays off but that’s a poor reason to start at “0″.

Where to go next – for the masses progression standards are ok if you want an idea of what to try but for the individual customization is king. You will discover your path up the mountain. This systemic method will produce daily progress – you’ll never repeat a workout twice.

What to do if you get stuck – it’s really easy sailing when things are smooth but do you know what to do when things aren’t perfect? Sadly many people fail not through a lack of ethic but through a lack of understanding. This workshop will equip you for sustained success.

This entire weekend workshop….two days of game-changing information…is only $450 if you register before April 1st, then it goes up to $500. We are limited to 20 spots and fully expect it to sell out.

Click the link to reserve your spot now!