What an honor to have my friend, mentor and Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers come to the Strength Dojo at Nashville Kettlebell and deliver the Oldetime Strongman University workshop. We originally planned for 12 attendees but wound up over selling it and 15 guys from all over the country showed up to learn the lessons of Oldetime Strength from Dennis. As an extra special surprise for everyone Mike the Machine Bruce drove down to help out as well.

After introductions, the very first event of the day was my official certification attempt on the Iron Mind Red Nail. Tim Dial stopped by to be the official referee for me and everything went very well (thanks Tim!). I will do another blog for a full write up of that particular event, this one is about OSU.

Dennis opened with a demo of several feats of strength, some classic and some uniquely his. After this he went straight into instruction drawing on his years of experience as a performer and his lineage as a strongman that goes back through Slim the Hammer Man and the Mighty Atom. He covered the classic feats of bending nails, bending longer steel, bending horse shoes, driving a nail with out a hammer, tearing cards and tearing phonebooks.

He also spent a great deal of time covering how to successfully entertain a crowd as a performer. This is, after all, Oldetime Strongman University, not “feats of strength university”.

The attendees left a pile of shredded cards and bent steel in their wake that made the StrengthDojo look like the set of Sanford and Son.

Everyone who attended left having done something that they had never done before. Many thanks to Dennis, Machine and everyone who attended. Enjoy the photos….
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