“Listen to your body”

Just because you body tells you something, that doesn’t make it true.

I can give you a couple of examples. One of them was sent to me in this very good article, which talks about the fine line between doing too much, doing to little and doing the right amount from the standpoint of a runner recovering from an injury.

Perception determines reality…..until proven otherwise. I am a firm believer that your thought process determines what you will do, which will then affect your reality. The problem with this is that it can be taken too far and we wind up with people believing that therre are multiple truths. There are not. Truth, by definition, can only have one definition. There is no “your truth is different from my truth”.

Truth is truth, the only differences lie in how it is interpreted.

Consider this video:

Your eyes (part of your “all-knowing” body) are telling you what is in front of you. Your brain, in an attempt to process it, fills in the gaps with what it believes to be true in order to make sense of it. The result is an illusion. Even after you KNOW it is not what you think you see, your body still tells you that it is something different than what it really is.

Scientifically speaking, this experiment ( of the illusion) meet the standard scientific criteria of being repeatable, reliable and observable. Everyone who looks at it sees it, even if the same person looks at it multiple times. And yet, it just ain’t true, no matter how you measure it.

So don’t believe everything your body tells you.