Remember all them Ice bucket challenges last summer?

I have been training cold exposure for a little over a year now. It is really difficult to get cold in TN in the summer, but now that it’s cooled off a little, I am back at it. Here is the video from my duration PR in the lake last winter:

And here is Wim Hof, in a much more entertaining video, where he swims in water that is about the same temperature, but does it for FIVE TIMES as long as my best ever:

Why do this? The reasons are many: better immune function, it is meditative, the breathing exercises that are used in the training are great for energetic development and it serve to illustrate the fact that the mind controls the body.

A few weeks before my lake video above, I attended Wim’s 10 week online training course. I learned a great deal from Wim. My mind/body connection is better than ever, due in part to his methods. The cold training requires the same kind of mental focus as bending steel or high output kettlebell work. I highly recommend the course, even if you have no desire to swim a cold lake. Much benefit can be had from cold showers and the details are explained by Wim.

Click HERE to find out more about the Wim Hof Method….