Gary Cook has written a new article on the origin and execution of the “Brettzel” stretch from the CKFMS workshop. Here is the first part of it:

“The inaugural CK-FMS Workshop was held in St. Paul, Minnesota, in August 2008. The event exceeded all expectations, including my own, and I cannot compliment my co-presenters/instructors (Brett Jones, Master RKC; Dr. Mark Cheng, RKC Team Leader, and Danielle Cook, RKC II), the participants, and the staff of Dragon Door Publications enough. It was truly an amazing experience, and I look forward to bringing the same kind of energy and enthusiasm to all our future collaborations.

During that groundbreaking workshop, we publicly introduced a new stretch in our corrective exercises progression. It was so well received that I felt that explaining it would be of benefit to the Hard Style community at large. The stretch itself has an interesting back-story, and I can’t help but want to let you in on this story. The only thing better than blindsiding a respected colleague and peer with a good practical joke is to repeat the same joke a second time in public. Get ready for the instant replay.”

Read the rest of the article HERE