So 16 days in I am tipping the scale at 269 (down from 274 on day Zero). Strength is good, pressing, pullups and destroying phonebooks, steel, etc. are all progressing. Shorts are getting loose.

I have settled into the “groove” of this warrior diet thing MUCH easier than I expected. I understand the “mental crispness” of the undereating phase that I have heard and read so much about. Food choices for the big meal have ranged from very clean (steak, eggs, salad, yogurt w/fruit, nuts, peanut butter, steamed veggie) to not-so-clean (wedding cake, a couple of fast food burgers, fries, frozen custard). I drank some light beer at the wedding on Saturday too. Utterly disgusting. I prefer beer that I cannot see through. I have had wine a few evenings as well. Dark, red, dry. We returned from southeast Missouri last night with a cooler full of farm-raised beef from my in laws. Meat is good food.

Today I met Mandy for lunch as it is our 2nd wedding anniversary. I had a Ceasar salad and a little gumbo. Tonight we’ll make pizza and drink some wine.

Training today: 20 minutes of continuous snatching with 16kg, switching hands every minute, 20 rep per minute pace except at 12:00-16:00, where I sped up to 26 reps per minute.
My new Heart Rate monitor says I averaged 154 for 22:00 (include a little walking around after the set) which is 84.6% of my Max HR. I have been inspired by Marty Gallagher’s Purposeful Primitive in this respect as well.
Strength work today was phonebooks, I finally got a corner tear on Nashville Yellow Pages. Youtube will be up soon.