I had a few questions that needed answerin’ regarding the Warrior Diet. Since reading Marty Gallagher’s opus, The Purposeful Primitive and beginning the WD, I have arrived at the following answers, based on my own limited experience.

1.”Will the WD affect performance adversely?”
Recent training highlights, since warrior day one(about 7 weeks ago):
80 sets of 8 snatches in VO2 style with 16kg.
30×8 with 24kg
Closin’ in on BUP w/ 40kg
Bending 60d nails like paper clips
All this with inconsistent training and a lot of travel.

My experience answers “NO”, it will not have adverse effects.

2. “Will it help to shed fat/weight”
Begining at high-270s, today I dipped below 265.
Pants falling off.
Veins in forearms becoming more visible.
I have made some pretty bad food choices more than I care to admit. There ain’t no mention of french fries being a good idea in the WD book.

Simple calorie deficit? probably, but I’m cool with that.

Answer: YES

3. “Is it sustainable?”
This is the biggie. Despite my afforementioned unlean food consumption, I LOVE the WD schedule and not needing to stop and eat every 3 hours.
I have found it quite condusive to my travelling as well. Some nuts & H2O on the plane, get to the hotel, head out to the feast.

Answer: YES.

4. “Is it better than (insert other dietary protocol here)?”
Since I am most familiar with Precision Nutrition, Naked Nutrition and the ketogenic diets, I will speak on my experience with them. “Better” is a subjective term. Better for what? Muscle? Strength? Fat loss? Enjoyment? I ahve found utility in all the approaches. I am currently rockin’ on the WD like Molly Hatchet at the state fair.

Is it better than plan XXXXX?
Answer: NO

Nor is it “worse”. I find it very usaeable, comfortable, efective and enjoyable. I shall continue with it.

Final Thoughts:
Consistency over time is the key. It must be liveable, not just endurable. I am living it and loving it. Perhaps at some point I’ll shift into another mode, but for now, the WD is rocking.