The squat felt good, solid and centered. The weight was relatively light for me, but I felt a great groove and the only trouble was a little bit if discomfort in the knee where the bones have not yet healed from the surgery. Awesome.

 Then I looked at the video.

 The setup is pretty good. The stance is solid. The initial descent is not bad. Then at about the ¾ mark, everything goes horribly wrong. I look like I lurch to my left and slightly twist to my right at the same time. The ascent is mostly me trying to find my way back to center. Rinse and repeat.

 Have you ever visited a town that you’ve been away from for 10-12 years and not recognized it?  The streets are the same, but everything on them is different. You used to go to your buddies house by turning left at the IHOP and going 3 blocks but the IHOP is now a parking lot.

 Since my knee scope I have been living inside a body that is kinda like that. When I am centered, the signals from my body are telling my brain that I am twisting to the left because for years I twisted slightly to the right. The “feeling” is that everything is pulling to the left, even though I am centered.

 Why? Because my body has thousands and thousands of reps of done as the bone spurs grew, gradually restricting the ROM over a long period of time. Once that mechanical limitation was removed, the rest of me- my fascia, nerves, muscles and all the parts of my brain that interpret incoming data and respond with movement have to be re-educated.

 The Map is NOT the terrain. More to come….