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Slim the Hammer Man way back when…..
Slim the Hammer Man

Slim the Hammer Man Now. "Still Going Strong" Doesn't even begin to describe it....

Recently I was in  Philly for an RKC event. I went a a day early to visit Legendary Strongman Slim the Hammer Man. His training area which he calls the Dungeon is a freaking museum of strength history.
He showed me a LOT of one-of-a-kind historical stuff, photos, relics from the Mighty Atom and other great strongmen of the past as well as his own 5 decade career.
The cooler-than-cool thing was that he spent some time working on my hammer levering from the floor and I went from a 12lb lift to 15 3/4lbs. That’s an amazing, solid, REAL PR. It  just underscores the fact that having a coach or mentor is a very good idea and having the very best in the world is probably the best thing yo0u can do. I am certain that Slim shortened my learning curve and accelerated my progress on hammer lifting by a couple of years at least.
Speaking of Mentors- many, many thanks to Dennis Rogers for introducing me to not only to Slim, but to the world of the old time strongman.