October 24th 2008
A rainy Friday morning. 51 degrees. In the park after class.

A single 24kg kettlebell. . Soundtrack by Alice in Chains

“Scary’s on the wall……..Scary’s on his way……..”
53lbs of steel, worn and familiar, beginning to circle my waist in the slingshot. Nothing super strenuous, just a continuation of the Joint Mobility drills from earlier, loosening up, prepping the nervous system for the tension to come. Feeding into the uppercut drills and ending up with some swings. Didn’t count the numbers or the time, an unusual practice these days, just going by feel.

“Field of pain is where I graze…..”
Bottom up Clean and press singles. Surprisingly tough, on the left especially for the first few. I can feel the effects of the recent high volume grip work, fatigue, deep in my palms. The kind of fatigue that increases awareness, not saps strength. But this is not a heavy weight for me, and as my hands wake up, the reps get easier.

“I’m the man in the box………
Getups, slow, controlled, adding the tight-rope press for triples in the high kneeling position. A drill I learned at CK-FMS, increasing trunk stability, improving weak links. Making the my chain of strength unbreakable.

“Ain’t found a way to kill me yet…..”
More bottom up pressing, this time in ladders. 1 &1. 2&2. 3&3. Left hand is tired, I reign the volume back a little, stopping at 3 reps instead of the intended 5. Right hand is solid. Working on the lat engagement. BUP is becoming my favorite total-body-tension move.

“Did she call my name? ……..I think its gonna rain…..”
More getups, done in moderate rhythm. Moving smoothly, feeling strength. Knee is doing better. I have avoided getups lately, because of my knee, but it feels very good today.

“I feel so alone, gonna end up a Big ole pile a them bones”

Snatches switching every ten reps. Quick and steady, a little below top speed. Total of 100 reps. Didn’t count the time but I would guess it to be around 4 minutes. Steam is coming off me in the cool air. Breath is deep but not labored. Heart Rate monitor says 168.

“If…….I………would…… could you?”
Walk around a bit, heart rate dropping back to normal. No PRs today. Not huge accomplishments. I didn’t feel off and I didn’t feel great. This was the kind of session that happens most often but gets the least mention. What is strength is made of? These are the sessions that answer that question.

It’s still raining, it’s still cold. I am heading home.