I was looking through an old notebook yesterday and realized that this week marks the fifth anniversary of when I began doing group kettlebell classes in Centennial Park park. This was planting the seed for what would become Nashville Kettlebell.

We started out with three people, I think, and I hauled the eight or so smaller kettlebells that I owned at the time in the back of my car, unloading and loading them for for every class. Class grew over the next couple of years as we swung, squatted and rolled around in the dirt.

In the winter I rented space in the back of a gym. As you can see here, it was dusty, cold and there was scrap lumber and miscelleanous junk piled up in the corners.

Last year in May¬†we opened our curent locaton at 944 4th Ave South in Nasville. We’ve come a long way. I look forward to the next leg of the tip. Will you be there with us?