A recent conversation with Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers got me to thinking

Truly being strong, both internally and externally, has to do with living well and enjoying your life regardless of conditions that you can’t control. When you are strong, you are bothered less by the mundane crap that affects you when you are weak and you are able to revel in things that you cannot do until you have mastered your own strength and health, or at least assumed control of the helm….

Isn’t that reason enough to pursue mastery of strength?

Mastery is more than the knowledge and execution of technical skill. True mastery transcends technique because the technique is absorbed into the natural movement. The master doesn’t look to be “trying” hard….or even trying at ALL….. despite what may be a great effort.

Musashi said in the Book of Five Rings to make “your every day walk your warrior walk”. Going with that idea, I encourage you to make your strength an all-day, every-day pursuit. How to do this?

Take the next small step……