I want to talk about value. Specifically, I want to counter some of the things I have heard and read from people who think they are being wise with their money as it applies to fitness and specifically kettlebell training.

1. “You can find all that stuff on the internet for free.”


So it is smarter to spend 20 hours searching all over the internet to find free info so that you don’t get “ripped off”. Suppose you are doing this to avoid spending $30 for a book. How much does that make your time worth?

If you divide $30 by 20 hours = $1.50 per hour. On top of that, most of the people who do this are probably doing it on the job, when they are supposed to be working. No wonder they don’t have any money.

Here is a radical idea: Instead of spending a hours and hours combing the web for free information in order to save $30, Invest the money in the book, and use the remaining time to apply what you learned.

2. “You can learn how to do that from a video, you don’t need to pay somebody to teach you.”

OK. I can go to youtube and find video of heart surgery, listed as number 2, right after a clip from Saw 3. Would you want me to do your bypass?

Maybe that’s pushing it a little. How about this: Scour the web for a pirated version of “Construction Basics DVD” (or just cough up the $30.60 to buy it if you learned lesson #1) and then spend the next 5 months building a deck for your house in your spare time. If you manage not to cut off your thumb with the power saw, or smash it with a hammer, come back and tell me that you got a better deal than if you spent the couple thousand to have some PROFESSIONAL do it in one afternoon.

3. “The RKC is a ripoff, you don’t need to spend $2000 for a 3-day course to be able to use kettlebells.”

I love this one. First of all, at the RKC, you DO NOT to spend $2000 to learn to use kettlebells. You learn to TEACH kettlebells. It is an instructor course, not a user’s course.

Second, if you spend $2000 and earn $2001 dollars from what you learned, you are in the black financially.

If you take on 8 clients per month (that is 2 per week) at $50 per session (which is WAY to little) in a year you will have made $4800. This is working less than part time. Of course, you’d have to tear yourself away from that internet forum discussion about how much fitness professionals are ripping people off for about 2 hours a week, so it may be too much of a sacrifice.

BTW, if you ever hear of anyone talking about a ripoff that is making a car payment, they are clueless.

The RKC is a ripoff, but spending $24,000 on something that is going to worth $3000 in 5 years is smart?