I posted a youtube clip in August to keep myself accountable to 100 days on the Warrior Diet. Things went well for several weeks then I went off track a bit. The problem wasn’t the schedule, which I really like, it was my tendency to make lousy food choices, especially when I am dealing with problems. Yes kids, the Iron Tamer is an emotional eater.

What sorts of problems? Well, the fact that I was told I shouldn’t swing or snatch during my meniscus rehab affected me in 2 ways. 1st and most obviously, those drills are my big calorie-burners. Not being able to do them OR having a suitable replacement took a toll on my activity level.

More than that though, I was pained by having these activities denied me for my own good. That slight depression, combined with seeking comfort in food and the abundance of holiday junk fare is not a good combo.

I put my focus on tearing cards (which improved tremendously) and working toward a 40kg Bottom Up Press. My error here was excessive volume in the BUP. For some reason, I cannot handle the same volume in BUP as I can in standard KB C&P. ( A valuable lesson in retrospect) My suspicion is that it has something to do with the massive amount of nervous system activity in the hands. Neither of these activities is a huge calorie burner and falling short on my BUP quest just added to the sadness.

Fortunately, my video plan worked, even when I didn’t feel like I wanted it to. I continue to recieved emails asking about the WD, why no update, etc. This post is the answer. Simply, I slacked off. More accurately, I CHOSE to slack off.

All is better now, and since the beginning of 2009 I have been steadily dialing in the WD. Physically, I am stronger now than ever. I am snatching and pressing the 48kg with more authority than ever. My 40kg Bottom Up Press came quicker thant I thought, once I dialed in the correct volume. On a whim I deadlifted 500lbs this week, despite the fact that I haven’t practiced the deadlift in over a year and that is 25lbs short of my absolute best ever. And I feel lighter, mostly because I am.

I feel good. Very good. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me and asked. I vow more regular updates this time. I am ready to rock.