What is strength?  In the RKC we define it as “the ability to produce force under a given set of circumstances.”
“Magic is practice”- Houdini.  The same can be said for strength.

“Practice makes perfect” is inaccurate.

So is “perfect practice makes perfect”.

Practice makes permanent. Because of this, the primary objective in strength practice should be continual improvement, the quest for the perfect rep. It takes thousands of reps of imperfect practice to understand psychologically and physiologically what “perfect” even means. Imperfect practice is necessary when learning the most effective and productive groove.

How do we practice and develop the skill of strength? By seeking quality every time we perform an exercise. The quest for the perfect rep.

If we do this, adding weight/sets/reps, etc., is a mathematical certainty because the quality of the movement will improve, making the adding of the load happen almost incidentally.