OK, I made a mistake.

The previous announcement regarding the name StrongFirst Tennessee and the website/blog associated with it was done without checking in on the legal/licensing side of using the name “StrongFirst” as a part of my website. That name belongs to Pavel and while I proudly have the logo tattooed on my arm, it seems that is not exactly what the lawyers look at. Simply put, I am a part of StrongFirst, but the name is not mine to use on a website, at least until some other legal stuff gets hammered out.

Anyway, the whole purpose of that change was to bring my 2 websites and 2 blogs together into a single location from which the reader could choose which avenue of content to run down. I also wanted to link to Tennessee Kettlebell,  which is run by my colleague, student and Brotha in da Iron Matt McBryde SFG TL.  I wanted to provide a central location for everything that I ramble on about…..

So I got to thinking about it……contemplating the idea of a “School of Strength”……and beyond that how to personally express MY version of a school of strength, which we have nicknamed Uncle Tamer’s House of Hardstyle…..

Of course it will include training information, the kind of stuff we cover in workshops and at the local downtown school Nashville Kettlebell (along with Matt’s location)…..


If we are going to talk about the things Iron Tamer is all about we must include any and all things related to Olde Time Strongman/Grip stuff and my mentors, colleagues & students in that discipline…..

Between 2 legends.

Between 2 legends, Dennis Rogers and Slim the Hammer Man.

StrongFirst  of course, kettlebell, barbells and bodyweight (OH MY!)…..

We are StrongFirst.

We are StrongFirst.


Martial art/chi kung/meditation musings and kundalini related ramblings stemming from Hoshin Budo, Southern Mantis Kungfu and other things I have played around with…

And anything else I choose to throw into the mix….cool products that i happen to run across, music, movies, TV, books, tattoos, our new dog….


Don Draper. He gots skillz.

So for a new blog name, I needed something that at once combined strength – the property of being physically or mentally strong; 

and school: a systematic program of studies:

So here is what I came up with: www.StrengthDojo.com

Why use a Japanese martial term to describe our school of strength?

Because strength, meditation and martial arts (and even music) are skills and skills are developed thru practice. The word dojo literally means “Place of the Way”….it is the training hall…the place of practice where the student travels along path to mastery. It is not limited to a physical location, but is an attitude that is manifest.

Anywhere can be your dojo….our primary one is in Nashville.