I want to declare February Official Kettlebell Swing month.

In the RKC we constantly refer back to the swing with good reason- along with the Getup, it is one of the two most fundamental movements, the “center of the RKC universe”. It is one half of the Enter the Kettlebell Rite of Passage workout. With a good swing, good things happen, without it, not much else can go on with regards to HARDSTYLE kettlebells.

This is nothing new. Alan Calvert, author of the book Super Strength (published in 1924), said the following about the kettlebell swing: “The best exercise for strengthening the back and legs and for teaching them to work together. It takes considerable effort to master it, but it is worth all the trouble because it is one of the fundamentals of super strength. Here are a few of the things you will gain from this exercise: You will learn to instinctively keep your back flat when making a great exertion; you will get a much firmer grip on the ground with your feet; you will learn how to ‘time’ moving a heavy object; you will increase the gripping power of the hands and increase development of the front part of the shoulder muscles.” Works for me.

How’s your swing?

I have set a goal for myself: 10 sets of 10/10 one handed swings (a total of 200 reps) with a 48kg kettlebell in 12:00 or less.

 What will you do? Post your goal in the comments section.