4 week progress pics from the Amazing 12.

4 week progress pics from the Amazing 12.

Ah…..the Holidays…..Thanksgiving and Christmas time……

At the Amazing 12 coaches certification there were 4 of us there from the USA and we all talked about the differences of launching a program like A12 in the states at this time of year, vs in the UK or Europe. Some of my A12 colleagues across the Atlantic are killing it right now with a program that will end right before Christmas. Their clients will be showing up at Christmas parties and dinners looking super badass and rocking it all the way into 2015.

In the states, it’s different. The “Holidays” is a time period beginning around Halloween and ending some time in January. This is the time of year that I hear people complaining, complaining, complaining of being extra stressed, sleep deprived, and having a near constant stream of junk food going into their mouths.

Most folks will have a drop off or completely stop any pursuit of fitness or strength. Very few would ever entertain beginning something like a physical transformation this time of year… “it’s the Holidays…”. 

Well, that is exactly what I did and that is exactly why I am posting pics of myself stripped down and looking less than amazing. I began the A12 with not only Thanksgiving and Christmas in the schedule, but also my birthday and a very quick trip to England to teach at SFG level one. And you know what? It is going very well. AMAZINGLY well in fact. I am down 16lbs in a little under 5 weeks, my waist is down an inch and I have put on muscle in my arms and shoulders. I shall continue on this path. I leave for England in a couple of days. My birthday is the week after that. Then Thanksgiving. Then Christmas a few weeks later.

Progress will be continued during all of this. I will lift. I will eat foods that perpetuate my progress. I will also eat the hell out of some delicious holiday food. It is all built in to MY personalized version of the A12 schedule (which is including some experimentation with biofeedback, but that is for another time).

Then of course comes the mad rush of January and what I call the Resolutionaries. Many commercial gyms will grow 300% past their typical numbers. Among the many who flock to the fitness centers on Jan 5th will be the few who are still there on Feb 14th.

That’s OK with me.

I said I would take 8 people for the first run of Amazing 12 TN.

FIVE have already put down deposits to secure a spot in a program that begins in January.

I am looking for 3 more people who are ready to completely change their bodies and lives in the first 12 weeks of 2015. This is not fear-based marketing. I do not secretly  have 30 spots and am trying to persuade you with “scarcity”. I really only have 3 openings left.

I am keeping it small because I am committed to giving each person who enrolls the attention they will need to accomplish AMAZING things. This program is for LOCAL NASHVILLE folks only.

If you are one of those three, go here and fill out your application: https://irontamer.wufoo.com/forms/amazing-12-week-physique/