Kelly Cassidy, RKC of Massachusetts was a member of Team Whitley at the October 2008 RKC. She showed strength, skill and character, the kind of stuff that we look for. What impressed me the most was her attitude- she lifted hard, every set, every rep, even if she didn’t know her instructor (me) was watching. She moved with power and enthusiasm, never fearing to dive into the dirt face first. Amanda Sullivan, RKC was her partner, the “strong and dirty girls”.

Kelly’s willingess to perform feats of strength, on the spot, which reminded me a female version of myself. A much better looking female version of myself!

Check her out with these “hold my purse and watch this” feats.

The pitcher press, demonstrating excellent groove and tension , with just the right amount of rock-out attitude. Another strong woman from my Team, Mary Ann Lubas, RKC, cheers in the background.

2 beers anyhow. Perfect Getup form and note the focused intensity. As “showy” as this is, it’s main point is to generate perfect tension and alignment. I will watch her progress with great interest…