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Keep going. Keep Playing. Study on this.

“If you are going to have someone tell you how to live, make sure that they know more about living than you do.” – Dr. Glenn Morris, founder of Hoshin Budo

What does this have to do with training? Well, the word “live” kinda covers everything in the quote above from Doc Morris, but if we wanna get more specific we could easily substitute any number of things for it; Lift, eat well, breathe, manage money, manage relationships….the list goes on.

But beyond that, we must be cautious that we don’t mistakenly expect someone skilled in one area to have expertise in all things. Doc was speaking specifically about martial arts masters in the context of that quote, but we can apply it to the strength world too.

Beware of the guru who claims the knowledge of the one correct way. Beware the anti-guru who positions himself as the renegade authority. Beware the coach who has never coached anyone to success. Remember that everyone sees the world through a unique viewpoint that is dependent on every moment of their lives up this point.

Be strong. Live well. Your happiness is up to you.