Swings rock. Heavy swings rock more.


If you are wondering if swings help snatches, consider this.

In June, on a whim, I did 200 24kg snatches in under 8:00. I had done very little snatching leading up to this.

I have snatched three times in the past month, once with 40kg and twice with 48kg for 40-100 reps each time. Today (Sept 2nd), on a whim, I did 250 in 10:00 with 24kg, switching every 10 reps at a steady 25rpm pace. I call that improvement. Swings ROCK.

My true PR is 260 a couple of years ago and I trained a LOT of 24kg snatches for that, for a couple of months.

What’s different now?

Revisiting and rekindling my love affair with the Hardstyle kettlebell swing.

Swings. Lots of swings, which I have talked about a little bit HERE and HERE.

Swings will help your snatches. They will burn fat. They will make your hips and back and grip strong. They will help your deadlift.

High rep, high volume, heavy, light, high density. When in doubt, swing.

There is magic in the movement if you spend enough time there. Get started with this DVD.

Happy swinging.