More and more personal trainer types are responding to the demand for kettlebells. The problem is that many times these well-meaning ( at least I like to believe that they are)  but misinformed people think that because they have watched it on video they are somehow automatically qualified to teach a movement pattern they have never been taught. 

Right. And if you watch a lot of pay per views and wear an Affliction shirt then you are qualified to coach MMA fighters.

Here is an important kettlebell progression for people in the fitness business:
1.LEARN to swing correctly from someone who knows how.
2.PRACTICE your swing until you can do it correctly. I reccomend an RKC certified instructor.
3. Then —and only then—- should you attempt to TEACH the swing.
4. PRACTICE some more.

If you are serious about learning to teach kettlebells, then the RKC is the gold standard. Every other kettlebell certification course in the USA has it’s roots in the RKC. It pays to learn it from the source.

We have recently begun offering the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) ,  a one-day, entry lelvel instructor course for people who want to find out more about what we do before committing to the RKC.

I’ll be hosting the HKC in Nashville TN for the first time on December 5th 2009.  Ther’s only room for 20 people at this one. I hope to see you there.