One surefire way to improve yourself is to surround yourself with people who excel at things you want to do better. Surround yourself with people who are better, smater, stronger, more experienced, etc. Simply put: Surround yourself with greatness.

As apart of the RKC faculty, I am blessed to be in contact with some of the best instructors and coaches in the business. Guys like Pavel, Brett jones and Mark Reifkind. Rif, incidentally is the person being interviewed this week to kick off the Kettlebell Secrets series. Rif has helped me a lot in my understanding of physical training and the call will be awesome.

Another person that I have learned a TON of info from is Grandmaster Strongman, Dennis Rogers. I spent the weekend in Lockheart Texas with Dennis at the Old Texas Barbell Company. Dan Cenidoza, RKC and Chris Mason joined me for some pretty intense, hands-on training, bending horseshoes, ripping cards and phonebooks and driving nails thru boards with no hammer. I shot some cool video and will try to get it edited and posted in the next couple of days.