Redneck Ninja, Tamer, Neup-Dog and the Legendary Brett Jones
Redneck Ninja, Tamer, Neup-Dog and the Legendary Brett Jones

If you missed it, then you missed it. The Summit of Strength was an event that I had very high expectations for, and it surpassed those expectations. Envisioned by the Redneck Ninja and organized by RKCTL DustinRippetoe and his wife Kenzie, it was nicknamed the Summit of Awesome before the end of the first day. 

 Jeff O’Connor started with “Lifelong Strong”, tying together the necessity of developing mobility, stablity and strength evenly. From bodyweight drills thru the Sots press, it was Jeff at is finest.

I followed up with a philosophical discourse (that’s a fancy way to say rambling talk) on the master principles and practice of strength, showed the bent press progressions, talked about isometrics and finished off with Hardstyle Hand Strength.
This was followed by an evening of  beef and pork barbeque.
On Sunday, Geoff Neupert led the group through double kettlebell progressions ( like in his book Kettlebell Muscle). For four hours. Definitely “earn your lunches” time.
Brett Jones finished out the day with Indian Clubs  and kettlebell drills designed to tie together all the mobility and strength work that had been done in the previous segments.
The attendees were amazing and my colleagues went above and beyond in their delivery. Summit of Awesome indeed.