The second Summit of Strength with Jeff O’Connor, Brett Jones, Geoff Neupert and myself (Hosted by Way of Strength’s Dustin and Kenzie Rippetoe who did an outstanding job!) was held this past weekend in Edmond, OK outside of Oklahoma City.

Mandy and I flew into Tulsa on Wed night and were picked up by the Outlaw Master RKC Jeff O’Connor and his wife Katie and their son Rush, who greeted me with “Don’t touch me….I have poison ivy.” He did, and looked painful. But he hung in there very well.

The next day the remaining two of the 4 Horsemen arrived and we spent the better part of three hours in Jeff’s Power Shack lifting stuff and dissecting each other’s movements  in the chill 108 degree weather.

Brett Jones PRd by pressing double 40 kg KBs for 4 singles as well as and working on T-spine and ankle mobility.

I got my squats and swings on and Geoff Neupert showed us his new-found bodyweight pistols. He is looking leaner than ever.  Jeff coached and joined in as well, showing some interesting one-leg reactive stability drills he’s been using.

After that and a little time in the pool, and Jeff fired up the grill. Brett called it a “Festivus of lifting heavy things and eating steaks.” I can’t improve on that description.

Friday we headed to OKC for a Bonus Day for the first 30 attendees to sign up for the Summit.  Secret, scientific data-collecting experiments were  conducted, but there was a lack of armchair theorists and labcoats. Many thanks to Brandon Hetzler for his efforts and I look forward to the results.

Saturday- Summit: DAY ONE. We each took a movement pattern and dug into it.

Brett Jones began by going DEEP into the skill of  the Hip Hinge Pulling Pattern (KB deadlift, Swings, Cleans, Snatches)

I was up next. My pattern- the Squat. Geoff finished this segment with some pistol work.

That night we showed why an RKC crowd is comparable to a great white shark, “an eating machine” if you will.  About 50 of us people ate ribs and meat planned for 90.

Sunday, Day TWO began with Geoff and the Press pattern.  Despite several hours of full body effort, several PRs were set because technique was improved.

Jeff O’Connor wrapped it up by tying together everything from foot/ankle  mobility to Push-Presses and Jerks.  More PRs were set as the KBs went overhead

This was a great weekend, everything I hoped for and more. I am honored to be a part of it.

I am already looking forward to next year. Will you be there?