Summit of Strength 2012

One of my favorite events of the year of the past three years has been the Summit of Strength.  The “Four horsemen” Master RKCs Jeff O’Connor, Geoff Neupert, Brett Jones and myself get together to hang out, eat steak, talk about how awesome our collective group is and raise a glass.  Oh yeah, we teach a two day workshop in there too, because that is what we love to do.

The idea originated as a way for us to get to see each other away from the time-crunch of an RKC and to get to share whatever the latest non-curriculum information each of us has been developing.

By all accounts, this year was the best Summit yet.  Brett and Geoff teamed up on day one to go over dozens of strategies for using bodyweight movements and exercises to improve overall strength. Rolling on the floor, crawling, pull-ups, handstands, pistols, ab work……name it and these guys covered it. I took a lot of notes myself.

Day two was split between Jeff, who did the morning session covering his bent press progressions, and myself who finished things out with 3 1/2 hours of work on breathing strategies.

Jeff spent the better part of four hours coving his progressions for developing the bent press. Now, being a student of the bent press for some time, I was curious to see what Jeff would bring to the table.  I was not disappointed and came away with several new things that I will put into practice.

Thanks to all the participants and to Dustin and Kenzie RIppetoe.