Last year Master SFG Jon Engum and I decided that we should partner up for some 2-day workshops. The material focus would be from his excellent book Flexible Steel and I would bring some of the stuff from my own Way of Iron workshops. We did the first one in MN last fall and had such a blast that we decided to schedule a few more.

I contacted Master SFG Fabio Zonin about bringing the show to Vicenza Italy and a few months later, there we were.

Arriving a couple days early made it possible for Fabio and myself to take a train to Rome.

I decided to make a small tribute to those who fought and died in the Coliseum.

And got Fabio to film it for me….

Jon demonstrated his usual amount of Flexiness.

And did a great job getting the attendees into deeper stretches than they thought possible.

I worked some strength angles, teaching the bent press, breath skill and a short lesson on steel benind 101, sharing some of what i learned form Dennis Rogers’ of Oldetime Strongman University.

The next Engum/Tamer workshop will be in my hometown of Nashville TN, at my own little Strength Dojo, Nashville Kettlebell. Wanna join us? HERE is the link.