Travel season resumed with a trip to Seattle to attend the Primal Move instructor course. This particular workshop was open only to RKC Master, Senior and Team Leaders.



After seeing fellow Master RKC Peter Lakatos performing PM stuff on youtube, I was interested and at RKC Ireland I got to experience it first hand with RKC/PM instructors the McIlroy brothers (who put together the video above), James Breese and Sr. RKC Fabio Zonin. I really enjoyed it and was interested in learning more.  In Italy I got even more of it, this time from the source, Peter. The more I experienced, the more I liked it, so I was really looking forward to learning the basics of the system from Peter in Seattle.


Over the course of two days we covered the fundamentals of PM and how to apply them. It was really fun and refreshing to be at a workshop and just be a student. The material made it even more fun.


I told Peter that the system seemed to me to be the marriage of FMS correctives and Pavel’s Super Joints mobility drills. Peter told me that was a very good way to think of it. I am looking forward to practicing and exploring this more and more. We have already begun playing with some of the moves at Nashville Kettlebell. In a few more weeks I will start offering workshops.  Keep moving……