June 8-10 was RKC Italy.


X-Fab, Iron Tamer, The EVIL Russian and Peter Lakatos, who is so awesome he doesn't need a nick name.

This was the first time I had traveled to Italy and I am very grateful to have been teaching alongside Pavel and Master RKC peter Lakatos.   I also got to work with my Italian brother Fabio Zonin, who not only taught, but organized and hosted the event and made sure that Mandy and I had an excellent vacation on the front end.

Mandy and I  spent the first several days being tourists in Vicenza, Verona, Florence, Sienna and Venice. The photos I am putting on here are admittedly amateurish. Fortunately she is not an amateur and will be putting some of the amazing stuff we saw on her blog in the future. I’ll post a link here when it goes live.

Arena di Verona

The ceiling of the Baptistry in Florence

Bridge of Sighs, Venice

Sunday Night, post-RKC,  Fabio and I sat in with an AC/DC cover band at the Beer and Greasy Sandwich Festival, with Pavel in the audience. Once we got onstage I realized that I had, in fact, never played “Sin City” onstage before. Oh well, here we go!

You cannot spell Rock and Roll with “RKC”.


Domatore del Ferro (Iron Tamer)