Youtube and other video sites on the internet have done a lot to spread the word about kettlebells. This is good. The down side is that any idiot with a video camera and a kettlebell can create a how to video.

I am thankful for all these terrible videos. I am thankful for the stupidity inherent in these crap storms of bad technique. Why?

Because allowing these stupid people the opportunity to make their horrible videos lets us see how stupid they really are.

Safety and strength is visible and are readily apparent to most people once they see someone with skill.

What follows is an off-the-of-my- head, partial list of red flags that let you know that a kettlebell related video is done by a complete idiot. Every one of these has a video somewhere to back it up, but I ain’t putting the links up because I don’t want them to get any more views and spread their brain poison.

1. 15lb (or lighter) kettlebells- Unless they are in the hands of the very, very de-conditioned or in a rehab situation, anything less than 8kg is not going to accomplish much. If you are a man and you are using these tiny weights in your XTREEEEMMEE kettlebell workout, you are a sissy, plain and simple.

2. Anyone from the Biggest Loser. Those aren’t kettlebell instructors, folks. They are TV personalities, also known as bad actors.

3. Kettlebell Swings that go overhead. The swing is an exercise in projecting energy forward, not upward. If you want to swing a weight overhead, just learn to snatch it already.

4. Anything that has the kettlebell being pushed out in front of you with the arms parallel to the ground. Try this with something heavier than my cat and you’ll see what I mean.

5. Anyone who badmouths the RKC or Pavel. The same holds true for not acknowledging the RKC and acting like you invented the getup all by yourself. If you are in the USA and have heard of kettlebells it is because of Pavel and the RKC. If you are teaching anything kettlebell related, you owe Pavel for opening the door for you. Shut up and swing.

6. Anyone who badmouths the Functional Movement Screen or Gray Cook. To trash-talk FMS is to say that you not only think you are smarter than Gray Cook, but also guys like Dan John, who has been in this game for longer than I have been alive (and I ain’t young) endorse and use the FMS.

7. Cleans that go to the shoulder like a barbell clean. Keep doing this, please. I’ll let you borrow my 40kg kettlebells if you want. I’ll even call 911 for you.

8. Adjustable kettlebells, hollow plastic kettlebells you fill with water, attaching a rope to the end of a kettlebell, etc. I don’t even know how to respond to this kind of stupidity.

There’s more…….lot’s more…..but this is all I can stand to think of right now without going into a blood rage.

Please feel free to add you own in the comments section below.