The idea of having a kettlebell instructor certification in Nashville has been something I have wanted to do for years. On the weekend of January 9th, 2014 that finally came into existence: StrongFirst Girya– Music City Chapter. Not a bad way to start the year.

I was gonna write a good long post about it, but Chris Creed shot a bunch of footage and put this video together that does a great job capturing the weekend…I mean WEAK-END.

There is more to come as the photographs that Mandy Whitley took (like the image at the top of the post)  get processed, but I wanted to share this video.

I am grateful beyond words to my team leader instructors Delaine Ross, Matt McBryde and James Sjostrom,  to all the assistants, the participants and everyone else who helped make this thing not just a reality, but an overwhelming success. Congratualtions to all the new SFG instructors. Welcome to the rock and roll show……Getcha swing on son!