In response to an announcement I made on Facebook, many people have all expressed an interest in my guidance inpreparing for SFG level one in the spring via online Skype training. This is the first time I have done an online, interactive Skype group like this and I decided that there may be some folks who read my blog or are on my mailing list who are not on Facebook that would be interested.

The certification requirements are here:

Here are the details for the training with this group:

• We will cover the progressions, technique and training for swing, getup, goblet squat, clean, press, front squat and snatch, single kb version for all, doubles where applicable for the cert. (see the requirements)

• I will provide you with technical instruction and training plan to get you ready. I will do everything possible to ensure that you can meet the physical requirements and have an enjoyable experience at your cert, however i cannot guarantee 100% that you will pass because i am not in control of all the variables.

• We will have a weekly Skype group call to go over the week’s material and assignments. These calls will not be recorded, but I can schedule 2-3 per week to make sure they fit with everyone’s schedules.

• I will NOT provide you with a copy of the SFG instructor manual, I do not own that information and you get those at your cert. The information I teach you will be compatible with the cert materials though.

• You will send me video of your progress by making an unlisted youtube video. This ensures that the only way for anyone to see it is for you to send the link.

• I will post unlisted youtube videos of the material we cover each week. You agree to keep them private and not share them with anyone.

For weekly in-person instruction and programming homework I would normally charge $500 per month with a 3 month minimum commitment. Based on the number of inquiries I am betting, a lot of folks are interested. Based responses I am getting privately, cost is a bit prohibitive. So here is what I am going to do for this online/skype/youtube coaching: $125 per month with no minimum commitment. Keep in mind though, that I have planned out 12 weeks worth of training to cover everything you need.

We begin next week and 3 months prep lands us at SFG Houston in March.

You send payment to me via paypal


SFG Prep

Please use that same email address to reply with any questions you have. SFG is a serious certification and I take your preparation seriously. I look forward to working with you.