Melissa Melton is know by many names at Nashville Kettlebell. Mighty Mouse. UberGirl. The ABdominal Snowgirl. Melly Mel.

Her most recent name is the one that I most proud of, however- SFG instructor. Melissa used the StrongBody Challenge as part of her plan to prepare for the first-ever StrongFirst Girya instructor certification in Houston.

In 8 weeks her body weight went from 138 to an official SFG weigh-in of 120lbs. She spent ZERO time on a treadmill, elliptical or any other lame-ass piece of equipment doing “cardio”.

She did not run.

She got strong. Very strong.

She did swings and getups. She Squatted. She pressed. She did snatches and more swings. She deadlifted and pressed some more. She did more swings. She ate bacon. Her results are pretty much the definition of a good plan.

I was there as one of the instructors at the certification and I can honestly say that I have never had a student go into a cert better prepared than Melissa. The week before she joined the elusive and exclusive 600 club by doing 602 swings with a 32kg (70lb) kettlebell at a bodyweight of 122. At SFG I was told “Go look at your student” by a certain Russian. Across the field, there she was partnered up with a group of guys who averaged 220-240lbs doing sets of 10 swings with a 40kg. And smiling.

I asked her to write something about her accomplishments in the SBC and she gave me this:

“This challenge in it’s nature caused reflection. It forced me to focus on my inner well-being and that of those around me. I became acutely aware of everyone else. I am a better person because of the challenges we (the SBC participants) faced together these past 8 weeks.

I did not accomplish anything. WE accomplished everything. We grew closer together as a family and that is the most important thing I will take away from this challenge. StrongFirst –> Doesn’t necessarily mean physical strength. My Nashville Kettlebell family preppared me for SFG level one.  my family prepared me for a new life.” – Melissa Melton, SFG


The next StrongBody Challenge begins on Monday, April 8th.  Are you ready ?