Nashville Kettlebell’s StrongBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner Lydia Wrowblewski-Bettinson walked away with the $700. Here is her story, in her own words:

“The StrongBody Challenge helped me become better because it allowed me the opportunity to realize that I, and only I, have complete control over my eating and drinking habits and therefore my body, strength, and general well-being. The StrongBody Challenge has been the first 8 weeks of a new, stronger, leaner, healthier me.

During the challenge I have dropped 3 dress sizes, lost 16 pounds, which corresponds to 11% of my total body weight and have shed 14 1/4 inches from all over my body, my skin is clearer, my nails are stronger, I have more energy and my outlook is more positive. The most dramatic change that can be quantified is my waist measurement, which has decreased by a massive 5 inches. This is a good indicator of loss of dangerous body fat, and is associated with decreased risk for type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease, I couldn’t be happier with this measurement.

I have always enjoyed working out/training, particularly in a group setting, and especially when I can track my results, so this part of the challenge has been a lot of fun for me. Keeping the workout log has been fantastic because I can look back in my book to see what weight ketttebell I previously used, and try to increase it in my subsequent workouts. Over the 8 weeks of the StrongBody Challenge I have attended class 4-5 times a week. This has only been possible thanks to the generosity of the instructors at NKB providing bonus classes every weekend. I have managed to increase my 1-armed swings from 14 kg to 18 kg, and my squats from 16 kg to 24 kg. 3 weeks into the challenge after attending class 5 times a week and losing 9 pounds I did my first ever pull-up! In addition to working out in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment at NKB The StrongBody Challenge has meant that I have been held accountable by having to keep a food diary and having weekly weigh-ins and measurements taken. This has encouraged me to make healthy dietary decisions, and has been extremely motivating to see and hear about everyone else’s progress in the group.

For a woman in her mid 30’s I thought it was next-to-impossible to lose weight without starvation, however, thanks to the StrongBody Challenge I have found that this is not so, and I feel stronger, more toned and tightened. My favorite pair of shorts from last summer do not even stay up over my hips and I now fit into jeans that I had when I was a Ph.D. student 10 years ago!!!! Luckily those faded blue jeans are back in fashion and are even a little loose on me, so I am wearing them with pride!”

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