Jen and Chris Creed are a young couple that I have known for a while. They decided to enter the StrongBody Challenge together and had a combined weight loss of over 30lbs.

I became proud of being strong for the first time in my life. The inches and pounds started finally coming off, and it made it easier to continue. To see food as fuel, not a reward, I proved to myself I could push through and not give in, and that I could say “NO” to unhealthy foods even if the people around me were indulging. (but also knowing that the occasional, thought out–not impulsive– splurge is ok!). All the while being cheered on and encouraged by new friends!”



“The biggest thing the StrongBody Challenge helped me with was changing the way I think about eating. Instead of letting it control me I listen to my body and eat when I need to eat.

For as long as I can remember food has been something I used not as fuel but as a clock. When it was time to eat it was time to eat. This made it easy to justify and easy to overeat. It had nothing to do with hunger it was just time to eat so I ate.

Over the past eight weeks, this habit has been destroyed. Most days I go 16-18 hours on a fast. I don’t worry about what time it is but when I get hungry, I eat. That’s it. I didn’t think at first that the intermittent fasting plan was going to hep me at all (because I’m a growing boy and I gotta eat!) but it totally did.

Second to that was the incredible weight loss. This part I was expecting but I thought I was setting a lofty goal by saying 275lbs by the end of March. Here we are not even half way through March and I have 10 pounds to go! I’ve lost 21 pounds in 8 weeks and I pretty proud of that.

My expectations from the scale throughout went something like this:

“Man, It’s gonna be awesome when I step on the scale and it consistently reads below 300!”

That came fast.

After that it was below 290 and now I excited to see it read below 280 consistently.

Thinking about it this way didn’t put pressure on me to lose a certain amount or hit a certain number. Thinking about it this way, even if I don’t hit the 275 mark, I’ll still be happy to see it below 280 consistently. So that’s awesome.

I think this challenge worked because it gave me a reason to commit and to be intentional about my my eating habits and my workout habits. Another huge bonus was knowing I wasn’t the only one. That if I’m faced with the temptation to eat junk someone else probably was too. It helped me to think that they were saying NO so I could too. Very powerful to have that kind of help.

I feel awesome to have completed the challenge and even more awesome to have habits changed and huge jump start on a great year. That’s what’s up!”-Chris

Indeed, that’s what’s up. The next StrongBody Challenge begins April 8th.  Click HERE to get in on it.