James Todd has been at Nashville Kettlebell for a while. The StrongBody Challenge was the thing he needed to get all his energy going in the same direction, toward revealing the strongest possible version of himself that he can. In this first phase, he lost over 30lbs of fat and added 3lbs of lean muscle.

Here is what James had to say about the first 8 week challenge:

“Before the StrongBody challenge, my weight ranged from 220 to 230. I felt unattractive when I looked in the mirror and my clothes were ill-fitting. Thanks to the challenge, I am now under 200 lbs for the first time since an injury in 2010.

The StrongBody Challenge helped me become better because I am now able to discern between emotional hunger and physical hunger. I am now equipped with better tools to re-frame food as “fuel” or “not-fuel”. The value judgments of guilt and shame associated with food are drastically reduced. I have more energy and don’t flinch anymore when I look in the mirror.

Keeping a food and workout log has been a great way to challenge myself to continue improving and it has been one of the most impactful habits I have ever developed. I blew away my goal of sub-200lbs and hit my goal of 500K lbs moved in training. (I weigh in at 195 lbs and moved nearly 504K lbs in 8 weeks.) I achieved a series of 4 PR’s in weight moved in one day; my Turkish Get-Up is in the best form it has ever had; I completed 100 beast swings (48kg) in 4:40; I made a PR in assisted pullups (16); and I made PR’s in both max deadlift weight (143kg) and deadlift reps (30 * 102kg).

The camaraderie in the StrongBody Challenge was really empowering for all of us. At the beginning of the challenge, I worked to encourage the whole team to succeed and I believe that I was a part of their success. The surprise to me was how much I also needed others to encourage me, as well. The NKB crew helped me to not give up when before week 6 I had a car wreck and sprained my shoulder. I went from a PR of 28K lbs in a day in WK5 to starting my recovery in WK6 with 81 reps with 1 lb Indian club. Through 2 weeks of focus, encouragement, and kettlebell rehab, I was able to reach another PR of 29K lbs in WK7. I’m still not back to 100% yet, but I’m improving every day and have goals to reclaim and exceed my overhead press PR’s from December in the next 2-3 months.”

The next StrongBody Challenge begins April 8th. For details on how YOU could become the next Success Story and maybe even win the $700 Grand Prize, go HERE.