George Walker has been at Nashville Kettlebell for almost 2 years. He is the only student in our School of Strength to hit the lofty 200 snatches in 10:00 with a 24kg.

Always dedicated, always ready to do the work and ALWAYS ready to have fun, the StrongBody Challenge was a new opportunity for George to surpass himself.  Here is his experience, in his own words:

“The Nashville Kettlebell StrongBody Challenge helped me become a healthier person because I lost 21+lbs., dropped 4.5 inches from my waist, exceeding my goals for the challenge. I love the fact that I have to go out and buy new pants and belts because my old ones are falling off my butt. I have not been this light since 2000.

Through the challenge I proved to myself that I can make better choices when preparing meals and stay away from the sweets except on Sundays (ha ha), train harder and heavier, and intermittent fasting is a good thing. By the way pull-ups are easy after you lose 21+lbs.

The Challenge has inspired me to continue the process of getting stronger and leaner. I hope to show off a new six-pack by the start of summer if not sooner.

It has been an amazing experience.



The next StrongBody Challenge begins April 8th. For details on how YOU could become the next Success Story and maybe even win the $700 Grand Prize, go HERE.