Over on Zach Even-Esh’s member site Undergound Strength Coach there is a discussion going about “What are you favorite strength-related books?”

Here are a few of mine, with some commentary:

Beyond BodyBuilding, Power to the People, Enter the Kettlebell

All by Pavel and available from Dragondoor. To put it simply, if not for Pavel, I wouldn’t be writing this blog or doing what I do right now. It is tough to narrow it down, but these are my favorite three strength books he has written to date.

The Mighty Atom: the spiritual Journey of Joseph Greenstein-Ed Speilman

An amazing story of a man who did things that are beyond strong, venturing into impossible. Hard to find, I got my copy from Dennis Rogers.

The Purposeful Primitive – Marty Gallagher

One of the best books I have ever read from a a man who has been deep in the trenches for a LONG time.

Destroying the Dogma: Real world FatlossAlwyn Cosgrove

A fitness professional’s guide to developing and implementing effective fat loss programming from one of the most trusted guys in the business.

Rock, Iron, Steel-Steve Justa
Gripmaster’s Manual-John Brookfield

Both available from Iron Mind. Outside the box stuff from two very strong men.

Keys to Progress-John McCallum

Also from Iron Mind. Enteraining, informative look at the way it was done in the days before drugs.