I have been a fan of Steve Justa’s work for a long, long time. The way he describes things makes sense to me and most of the guys I respect, admire and call “Teacher “ or “ Mentor”- Pavel, Dennis Rogers, Marty Gallagher – all have had good things to say about Steve’s training ideas and methodology. I read his book Rock, Iron, Steel at least once a year. In the clip below he lifts a truck. He also provides the soundtrack.

He has always appeared to be such a true individual, living with a singular devotion to pushing his strength ever higher. He’s a strength training genius the way Jimi Hendrix was a musical genius. A mix of a few easily identifiable influences that have been mutated into a purely individual expression of self. Plus the sheer honey badger’s middle finger quality of a guy talking and demonstrating strength training practice while literally smoking a cigarette at the same time is astounding. He is Steve Justa.

Now Steve is not very easy to find, almost like the Bigfoot of the strength world, so when I found out the Bud Jeffries (who is also on the list of teacher/mentor/friends) had made contact with Steve for an interview I was very excited. Then I found out that they shot nearly three hours of footage of Justa explaining what he does and how he does it for isometric training and what he call “G-Force” training. SCORE!

I really like the videos. They are one dude with a camera (Bud) shooting live without a net, no editing, no special effects and nothing fancy. Justa demonstrates his isometric training station which he built himself and really opens up the realms of what is possible beyond what I had ever thought of doing. The creativity in what he covers is thorough and very organized, although it may not appear that way at first. More than simply showing a crapload of different exercises (which he does) I was able to see HOW he arrived there and the thought process behind it. I have long been influenced by Justa in my programming. This takes it even deeper.

For the G-Force training, it is again a lot of demo of a very simple and complete theory. Justa developed his own system of Iron Body training, based on his own observations and experience. Very good material. Here is a clip of Justa and Bud playing with a piece of concrete.

The only drawback is the audio. Again, it is Bud, Steve and a camera, and the G-Force video was filmed outdoors so there is some wind noise. But the content more than makes up for it. Well worth the investment.