How did 2007 turn out for you?

What goals did you set for yourself?

Did you achieve them?

If your goal included fat loss, strength gain, etc, — Are you leaner than you were one year ago?
Are you stronger?

If your goal was to make more money — is your bank balance bigger?

Be honest. Did you achieve what you set out to do?

If you didn’t, do you know why not?

If you did, do you know why?

Quoting Dan John: “What are your goals? What are your behaviors? Do your behaviors match your goals?”

The point is to be aware of how important your behaviors are to achieving your goals.
2008 can be a repeat of every other year up this point, digging the rut of comfort a little bit deeper….

OR it can be your best year yet. It is up to you to decide, then take action. Make your behavior match your goal.

The goal achieving program that I use is Dax Moy’s Magic Hundred. Check it out by clicking here: Magic Hundred

Happy New Year to you…..I hope you make it a great one!