The way YOU snatch tears up your hands.**

On the Dragon Door Strength Forum, it is a recurring subject: how do I protect my hands while I am snatching?

I have said this for years- the best way to protect your hands while snatching is with your technique.

To me, excessive use of hand protection compounds the problem. It reminds me of some of the escrima guys I have seen with full head-to-toe armor when they spar. It takes away the inherent respect for the stick if getting hit is no longer a hugely undesireable consequence.

No disrespect to the guys in the video, I am just saying this in NOT a real stick fight, and you will fight like you train.

If you need hand protection because you have torn something and don’t want to miss training time, that is one thing, but if the only way you can snatch is with some apparatus you need better technique.

In the RKC, principle number one is “The emphasis should be on technique over routines, exercises and workloads. The latter are marginal until technique is perfect.” Learn the correct way to snatch. Practice, practice, practice.

This week I will make a couple of video posts on troubleshooting Hardstyle snatch technique.

Stay tuned…..

**Thanks to Dan John for the original version of that quote, regarding squats.