My back yard view

My back yard view.

Greetings from College Grove TN.

Mandy, the dogs, the cats and I are finally moved and starting to settle in to our new digs.  It was hectic there for a minute, we moved the majority of our stuff in on a Tuesday then had 3 travel weekends back to back, two of them were both of us and the final one was just me.

One of those trips was to Chicago for the historical Dome of Strength Level one and two SFG certification.

If you look REAL close you can see me in the middle…..


My Italian Brother Fabio Zonin came to stay with us for a few days before we headed to Boston to train with Pavel and Andy Bolton. While he was here, he was able to try some authentic southern cooking.


We are home for a few weeks. I am working on several things and am almost done with the Taming the Bent Press book.  Lots of new stuff on the horizon……