Anyone who knows me knows that my primary mentor in the strongman world is Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers. You may not know that I was introduced to him by another very powerful human named Bud Jeffries. 

Bud was actually the first person to show me any technique for bending steel, back in 2007.  It was a 4 foot long piece and he showed me how to bend it over my head and crush it into a fish shape.


Another guy that I learned a lot of quality bending information (especially short bending) from is Jedd Johnson.  Jedd was extremely helpful in my quest to certify on the IronMind Red Nail last year.


Recently Bud and Jedd got together and filmed a DVD on the Art of Scrolling Steel, available HERE.

It is a great resource for anyone who wants to get started bending longer pieces of steel into cool shapes. Scrolling is a great way to build crazy, all-around strength. It works every muscle you can think of from every angle you can come up with. Plus you wind up with really awesome trophies.

Bud and Jedd go over several different techniques for scrolling steel into various shapes, how to choose your materials for scrolling and there is a section on pure strength building using your barbell and power rack.

If you wanna learn to make “steel balloon animals”, click HERE, get a copy of this DVD and get after it!