The San Diego RKC is in the books. My group from Nashville ALL earned the certification, so congrats to them!

Mark Snow RKC, Nikki Snow RKC ( happy birthday!), Kristen McBryde RKC, Jay Cannon RKC and David Ebert RKC

It was an awesome weekend and I was reminded again of how the RKC weekend reveals the true character inside the individual. It was hot, in the high 90s and up to 102 at times, and the work was tough. I saw people the you’d expect to be tough just break and fall apart, unable to recover, their egos crushed.

More importantly though, there were people that found an inner strength that surprised everyone and dug into to finish. It is an honor to be a part of this.

I got to bring Mandy along this time, her frst visit to an RKC and she finally got to meet many of my RKC friends and colleagues. We are still in SD, celebrating our anniversary on Wed.  We took a surfing lesson this morning with the Snows and Geoff and Courtney Neupert (SRKC and new RKC, respectively) .

Looking forward to a few days of sightseeing, then we head home.