Ever since my first  RKC in 2003 I have sought to continually improve my skill and abilities as an instructor. Reading, practicing, lifting, thinking, trying things. Teaching, teaching and teaching some more.  Attending multiple certifications as an assistant….. just to be around it. 

Now, all this time later, the time has come. I have completed my last certification as a SRKC and have been promoted to Master RKC instructor. I am so incredibly grateful for the honor and privilege of representing Pavel, Dragondoor and the RKC system in this capacity.

 I want to congratulate my good friends and colleagues on their promotions as well:

Geoff Neupert, Master RKC Instructor

Jeff O’Connor, Master RKC instructor

 From the Dragon Door website: Master RKCs are appointed after extensive experience as a Senior RKC and after demonstrating the highest levels of integrity, commitment, teaching skills, leadership and personal physical ability. Master RKCs are the only RKCs with the authority to teach Dragon Door approved RKC certification workshops on their own. Dragon Door now offers in-house RKC certifications for appropriate organizations. Write to John Du Cane at jducane@dragondoor.com for more information

 Zar Horton, Senior RKC instructor

Dan John, Senior RKC instructor

Peter Lakatos, Senior RKC instructor

Tom Phillips, Senior RKC instructor

 RKC Team Leaders-

Andrea Chang

Kiera Newton

Delaine Ross

Dustin Rippetoe

Phil Scarito

Jason Marshall

Tommy Blom

Lauren Brooks

Robert Budd

Betsy Collie

Ron Farrington

Steve Freides

Dennis Frisch

Gabriella Katschthaler

Ricardo Nieves, MD

Philip Ross

Jordan Vezina