In case you were wondering, there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to train with kettlebells. I don’t mean “variations” like two hand/one hand etc..I am talking about safe vs. unsafe, smart vs. stupid. As a Senior RKC, you can imagine I have seen a lot of both.

Let’s review some examples of the foundational drill, the SWING, shall we?

He comes close, but he doesn’t understand the purpose of the swing, which it project energy forward, not up. For  projecting energy upward, we have the snatch.

Why it’s wrong: Incomplete hip and knee extenstion. Kettlebell swings too high and causes the shoulder to elevate and go into a compromised position. Neck juts forward to couter the momentum.  This is dangerous for the shoulder and spine.

the WRONG way “Kiss My Own Ass Goodbye” swing from Loser Jillian.

WRONG. Epic. Monumental. Collossal. Super. FAIL. I don’t even know how to respond to this kind of stupidity.  I can only take comfort in knowing that if shee keeps tis up she’ll injure herself so badly that she won’t be able to demonstrate this kind of idiocy.

The RIGHT way. My student Gina is BETTER at swinging a kettlebell than Jillian Michaels  from Biggest Loser and she doesn’t even have her own video.

If you want to injure yourself, please feel free to participate in  this madness. If you want to learn to swing correctly (safely and effectively) seek instruction from a current RKC instructor.