In The Purposeful Primitive Marty Gallagher describes three modes of cardiovascular training:

1st way-Steady state aerobics. Choose your cardio mode, such as outdoor walking, and hit it in a steady fashion for the prescibed time period. Keep a steady, even pace and heart rate.

2nd way-Interval training. Alternating periods of high intensity “bursts” with lower intensity recovery. Alternating sprinting and walking, or snatches and jogging meet the bill for this one.

3rd way– “Aerobic sessions with a strong element of resistance”. Generating sustained strength for an extended period of time. It is intense AND sustained. It apparently reconfigures the muscle in a way that develops more mitochondria, dubbed “Hybrid Super Muscle” by Ori Hofmekler. Kenneth Jay’s VO2 Max protocol is an example. The Secret Service Snatch test is another.

But what if you combine? What if you begin with 2nd or 3rd way and then after you start to get fatigued you ease into 1st way to prolong the calorie burn and finish things off? That’s what I did today.

Warmup-Some bending and card tearing. Strength training.

3rd way beginning- 40lb weighted vest + 20:00 of 24kg snatching (total 280 reps). The first 100 reps are on the video, done in 4:00.

5:00 recover and rehydrate

35:00 1st way finisher-outdoor walking.

According to my heart rate monitor, I averaged 150 beats per minute for the hour and burned 1108 calories.